Around 5 years ago, an unassuming conversation led to an interesting concept and amusing idea. This exchange planted a seed that would slowly germinate and develop into a passion and an undeniable compulsion.

A dream turned to goal.

A vision realized into shape.

A sketch chiseled to a design.

How powerful an idea is, morphing debate into brand, and creativity into product.


What you now recognize as the revolutionary Vertty Beach towel was the first of its kind. It was a feat, both in design and engineering.

Nobody knew how to make it. Nobody had ever done it.

Until we came along. Until we did it.

We’ve come a long way since then, and in many ways, it’s all thanks to you.

With the overwhelming acceptance and support since its first day, Vertty rose from an ambitious one-product start-up, to a global, established and award-winning brand, shipping beach towels to more than 60 countries around the globe, in under two years, and spreading to nearly every beach in the world.


Throughout this journey, we’ve shared much together. Since our early days of brainstorming and brand-building meetings, we’ve always held our relationship with our customers to the highest of regards and as one of our main focus points. We’ve made it one of our brand’s cornerstones, relying heavily on this back and forth to maintain our standards, or when necessary, have them rise and meet your expectations.


As a result of this partnership, we’ve expanded our catalog, listening to your pleas for versatility and constant innovation. We’ve created the Vertty backpack, an homage to the city’s spirit and beach culture.

Later on, as OUR gift for our 3rd anniversary, we gave the world the Vertty’s women’s swimwear line, introducing our bikinis, trykinis (yes that’s a Y), and sporty two-piece beach wear.

Every one of these achievements is not our own, but yours. It is your voice we follow, it is your desires we pursue, your passion that guides us. That’s one of Vertty’s long standing beliefs and mottos.

We want you to TRY, try new things, try the world, try other worlds, try yourself.

We want you to Try a different Tryangle.

And, once again, we hear your frustrations, we feel your angst. You want more, you need more. And there’s so much still to do, so many things yet to learn from each other.

This platform was created for that purpose. Here, we’ll talk about our ambitions, goals and aspirations, but aside from that, we want to hear from you, share with YOU.

You’re already a part of our story, but now we want you to become more, we want you to be a part of our team. Our family. Our future.


Meet you there.


Frederico Cardoso,

Vertty’s founder and CEO.


Written by Frederico Cardoso — August 01, 2017

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